Pader First Division Soccer League Marred by Violence

1663 Views Pader, Uganda
Sports authorities in Pader district are worried about the increasing cases of violence in the district's biggest soccer competition. Acts of violence and hooliganism have been the significant highlights of the first division super league. In one of the latest incidents of violence, fans invaded the football pitch during a match between Puranga F.C and Corner Kilak FC, and beat up the referee on grounds that he was partisan. In another incident, a match between corner Kilak FC and Kalongo FC was grounded to a halt when Kalongo players turned violent protesting a penalty. The referee was escorted off the field by security officials. Santo Ongom, the chairperson of the league Committee says his committee is worried about the level of indiscipline but says there is little his committee can do to control it. He explains that the sitiuation has been aggravated by the player's ignorance of the rules of the game. Under normal circumstances, interfering with the referee would automatically lead to a ban on the team. //Cue in: i#We are registering# Cue out: i#Counter react''// The committee has in the meantime been forced to shift the fourth coming second division league to the Community play ground in Pader Town which is considered a neutral ground for both players and the fans.


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