Pader Residents Defy Ban on Illicit Toxic Gin

2151 Views Kampala, Uganda
Several people in Pader district defied a ban on the consumption of the toxic local brew. In November, the district council passed a bye law banning the brewing and the consumption of the potent brew after many consumers were taken ill to hospital. But Locals are seen enjoying the illicit drink in the evenings in circles sharing it in brew in glasses. Otim Ronald, a boda cyclist, blames his defiance on laxity of authorities. Tim vows to continue consuming the brew despite the health complications that he has attained from consuming the brew. //Cue in#.This thing is Cue out#so you stop this one// George Lameny, a local council official at Rack-koko sub-county, says government is to blame for the negligence. He explains that many people in the rural areas find solace in taking local potent gin because of frustrations. // Cue in #people are taking Cue out#.people not to take those things// Raymond Okwir, The District Speaker says the council might consider coming up with a tougher measure to tackle the defiance. He does not specify the measures.