Paltry Rains Worry Farmers in Kabale

1715 Views Kabale, Western Region, Uganda
A dry weather condition is usually helpful to farmers drying their grains for preservation, but it may not be welcome to hundreds of farmers in Kabale who have already planted the season's crop. The long drought spell has left many farmers worried about their crop fields. An intense month-long drought has drained all the crop fields of the much-needed water to replenish their crops. Andrew Mugisha, says Farmers who have already planted Potatoes will surely have something to harvest but warns that the farmers who planted Sorghum, Cabbage, Maize, Beans and Irish Potatoes will have no harvest because the drought is expected to stretch through March to September. Many Farmers in Kabale say that their beans and Maize are already affected by the absence of rain and no rain at all. Cox Nyakairu, the Kabale RDC, has urged the farmers to plant Crops near Homes, which can be watered during the Long Drought.


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