Papyrus, Waste Paper Reinvented Into Sanitary Pads

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Papyrus and waste paper may no longer find their way into the waste bins, thanks to new innovations by the Technology for tomorrow, a project by Makerere University's Faculty of technology. Makka Pads are made out of crushed dry papyrus which are then mixed with waste paper and then patched up with a non-woven absorbent piece of cloth. The sanitary Pads are one of the few local innovations being displayed at this year's international annual trade exhibition at Lugogo show grounds. Mirembe Nnasuuna, the project's civil engineer, says the innovation stems from the realization that a number of school going girls were dropping out of school as soon as puberty set in. //cue in: they are# //cue out: package it. A packet, Maka pads cost between 800 to 1,100 shillings per packet. This is slightly lower compared to the price of other commercial brands. Currently the pads are supplied distributed free of charge to the Internally Displaced People's Camps and rural schools. Nassuna is however optimistic that the Maka brand of pads will find their way onto the Ugandan Market early next year. Another key innovation featuring at this year's exhibition is a robot which can beat two drums simultaneously. The robot was made by students of Nakawa Vocational Training Institute. Alfred Okello, the Chief Instructor explains that the robot uses electricity and a gas compressor. It has two hands with fabricated fingers which enable it to beat the drums just like a human hand does. //cue in, sound of drum#. Cue out # in our country. // Okello says with time, students will be able to make robots which can do manual work in factories. He says this will enable Uganda to develop better because robots make work easier and faster.


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