Paralyzed Man Beats Odds to Drive Again Top story

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However, because of his condition he had to modify the vehicle to suit his disability since his lower body parts are dysfunctional.

Hajji Mubarak Nsamba, a vehicle mechanic and resident of Ndeeba, a Kampala suburb drives around with a lot of ease. Those who see him driving could think Nsamba is in perfect shape. Nsamba suffered a fatal accident in 2005, which paralyzed his lower body parts.

According to Nsamba, he was repairing a lorry sometime back in Rwanda in 2005, when it slipped off the jack and landed on his back. Nsamba says he spent about three hours struggling to save himself as the boys he was working with went out looking for a breakdown to lift the lorry.

He explains that, X-ray results showed that he had sustained a broken spinal cord. As a result, doctor inserted a metal in his back to act as a spinal cord. Mubarak says while lying on his sick bed, he considered committing suicide several time to end his misery.

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Nsamba says after trying two more times to end his life in vain, he turned to Allah, which he says was a blessing in disguise. He says while returning from the mosque one time, he met his former friend  Abdul Katerega who invited him to join him at Musajja Alumbwa garage in Kisenyi to start a new life.
Nsamba says he took up the invitation and started working. However, because of his spinal cord injury, he works in a wheel chair. Three years ago, Nsamba decided to buy a Toyota Corolla to ease his movement from home to his work place. However, because of his condition he had to modify the vehicle to suit his disability since his lower body party is dysfunctional.

Nsamba crafted two long metals, which he attached to the clutch and brake pedals and controls them using his hands since the legs are paralyzed. According to Nsamba, this has enabled him to dry around just like any other normal driver. He laments the absence of modified vehicles on the Ugandan market for people like him, yet they are provided for in the law.

Nsamba says according to the law disabled persons are restricted to driving modified vehicles but they are not available locally.

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Alan Atuhaire, the officer in charges the drivers testing center Naguru concurs with Nsamba. He says they have tried without success to ensure the transport ministry implements the policy restricting disabled persons to automatic vehicles.

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Atuhaire says currently, it is up to disabled people who wish to drive to modify their vehicles and take them for inspection if they are road worthy. He says over 20 drivers with various disability levels have passed through the testing center.  Currently,Nsamba does modification of vehicles for other disabled persons.

His only wish is to meet Sulaiman Madada, the minister in charge of persons with Disability to advise him on how to access funds to improve on the work he is doing of modifying vehicles for the disabled.