Parents Protests Trigger Closure of Kamuli School

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In short
A primary school in Kamuli has been forced to close after a parents uprising.

Bwoko  primary school in Kamuli district  has been closed, following massive parent protests.

A group of angry parents stormed the school demanding to know why the school faled to register a single candidate in division one, in the recently released PLE examination results.

The headmaster, Fred Byakika, was put under siege and was only rescued by police after the irate parents threatened to lynch him.

James Nkolo, one of the parents at Bwooko primary school from Nabirumba village in Nabwigulu Sub County, explains that parents were at the beginning of January 2011, asked to bring 50kgs of maize flour and 40,000 shillings to ensure good feeding and the eventual good performance.

But this did not work out. Nkolo says that to his dismay, the best candidate scored 17 aggregates and only 17 out of the 65 pupils that sat for the PLE qualify to join senior one.

Joseph Musoke, the Kamuli district Education officer says 25 angry parents stormed the head teacher's office and begun insulting him. They broke the doors and destroyed office properties.

Police was quickly called in to calm the sitiuation. Musa Nabende, the Kamuli district police commander says some parents and the headteacher have been asked to record statements at the police station.
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