Parliament Probes Police Sale of Accident Cars

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Parliament has started investigating police for selling over 90 cars for only shillings 60 million. The investigations stem from querries in the 2008/2009 auditor general's report questioning the transaction. According to the report 94 cars and 44 motorcycles involved in accidents were sold off by the police below the market rate. Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee believes that some police officers could have connived with the buyers to pay a paltry fee for the cars. //Cue In "They advertise a car Cue Out ... if really that was the market value"// But Rodgers Muhiwa, the Acting under secretary of the internal affairs ministry says that they only realized shillings 60 million from the bids. //Cue In "It is true we had... Cue Out ... 2009/2010"// According to Nandala, each of the cars was disposed off at half a million shillings. However Nandala says that police would have realized a high price if the cars were sold off as scrap to steel rolling companies. Tom Kazibwe, Ntenjeru North MP faulted police booking a small advertisement space for the bids to limit the number of bidders. He says as a result government lost a lot of money in the transaction. MPs have now asked the Acting under secretary to present the valuation report for the cars, the people who bided with their prices and those who finally bought the cars. Most of the cars were bought first hand and had hardly taken two years when they were involved in accidents.


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