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Prof. Byamugisha told URN that the hospital has not had any medical supplies since May but said the problem is being handled as an emergency.

Makerere University Hospital has run out of medical supplies leaving several patients stranded. 

Information obtained by URN from Hospital shows that the university has stocked the facility since the semester commenced in early August.

According to sources, the hospital last received medical supplies in the last semester that ended in May. Two URN reporters camped at Makerere University Hospital on Wednesday and saw several students being bounced by the medical workers, saying there were no drugs.

Richard Odoch, a 4th year Soft Engineering student was one of those bounced as the attendant in the hospital pharmacy told him she could only issue him with Panadol for his excruciating pain. 

According to Odoch, it is on rare occasion that one finds medicine in the hospital. He observes that even when they stock the medicine, it is spent within two weeks leaving patients without any help.
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Cue out: …are like drugs are not there."//
Odoch says because of the drug shortage, students are always asked to buy drugs elsewhere after seeing a Doctor.
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Cue out: … getting any treatment."//
Prof. Josaphat Byamugisha, the Makerere University Hospital Director confirmed the drug stock out citing the lengthy procurement processes, which affects supply. 

Prof. Byamugisha told URN that the hospital has not had any medical supplies since May but said the problem is being handled as an emergency.
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Cue out: …shall be back to normal."//

On April 11th 2017, the Makerere University Council approved the transfer of management of the University Hospital to Makerere University College of Health Sciences effective 1st July 2017.

Before the takeover, the hospital was struggling with several challenges which included under-staffing and inadequate resources as well as dilapidated structures.

The hospital received a major boost from Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), which renovated its building after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Makerere University as compensation for the land annexed during the expansion of Makerere Hill Road.

It was hoped that the hospital would tap into the human resource in the College of Health Sciences -CHS to address the staffing gaps. However, reports show there hasn't been any new staff recruitment.
Initially, the college proposed to take the hospital and turn it into a training and research hub for its medical students as well as serve the Makerere community and the surrounding communities.


Before 1972, the university maintained a health post known as Makerere University Students Health Service or sickbay at the current Makerere University police post. 

In 1972, when the then president Idi Amin expelled Asians, the university acquired the premises formerly occupied by Nile Nursing Home on Makerere Hill road, about two kilometers southwest of Mulago national referral hospital.

The university sickbay relocated to the new premises behind present-day Ham Towers. On February 16, 1978, Idi Amin visited the sick bay and elevated it to a hospital.