Pioneer Bus Starts Full Service on Kampala-Entebbe Road

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Detecting an opportunity to do a full service on the busy highway, the company, about a month ago started full operations to and from Entebbe, in addition to the airport service.

The Pioneer Bus Company has started full operations on the Kampala-Entebbe highway.
About three months ago the bus company, in collaboration with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), started transporting air travellers to and from Entebbe International Airport. The basis was that sometimes travellers suffer delays and high prices charged by taxis.
Detecting an opportunity to do a full service on the busy highway, the company, about a month ago started full operations to and from Entebbe, in addition to the airport service.
Tarsis Kadindiri, an inspector on the route, says as they did the airport service they soon realised that the demand by other passengers was growing.
They have since deployed eight buses on the route, starting from Conrad Plaza in Kampala and terminating at Entebbe Airport and vice versa.
Kadindiri says Pioneer Bus charges 2,000 Shillings for one trip from Kampala to Entebbe while taxis charge 3,000 Shillings for the same distance.
He says unlike taxi operators who usually hike fares taking advantage of situations like when the road is closed or usage restricted during visits by high profile visitors, Pioneer Bus does not.
During the visit of Pope Francis, the inauguration of President Yoweri Museveni which attracted many foreign dignitaries, and the visit by the presidents of South Korea and Turkey respectively taxis charged between 5,000 and 10,000 for journeys on the route.
Kadindiri says their buses do not delay and do not have to be full before taking off like most taxis do.
According to Kadindiri, they are still evaluating the viability of the route, adding that so far they are impressed with the operations.
He says with time they are likely to add more buses on the route and start doing shorter segmented routes on the highway, like from Kampala to Kajjansi and from Kajjansi to Entebbe and so forth.
Kadindiri says they are optimistic that with time buses will become the favourites on a busy and congested route like Kampala-Entebbe, adding that more buses and less taxis could relieve the mess on the international route.
On whether Pioneer Bus will start time-tabled services, Kadindiri says the market is not yet ready for that, but hastens to add that with time that would be possible.
He says they are innovating to make the buses attractive, like providing free wifi, security systems like spy cameras, cleanliness, video, television and music, among others.
Kadindiri says the major challenges on the route are traffic jams, disruptions caused by VIP convoys and competition from taxis.
Indeed the buses stop frequently to pick and drop passengers, although they do not delay longer like taxis.
Sometimes in order to avoid traffic jam, the buses also do detours like taxis, especially between Kibuye and the Clock Tower.
James Kalema, a regular user of the buses, says he likes them because they delay less, are clean and spacious.
//Cue in: "First of all…
Cue out: … the congestion."//
Florence Najjuuko, a first time passenger, says she wanted to experience travelling on Pioneer Bus. She says she is impressed with the service.


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