PLE Exams Begin with Hurdles in Kibaale and Gulu

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The start of the Primary Leaving Examinations this morning was delayed in the district of Kibaale because of administrative problems. At Muhororo Muslim Primary School the examinations didn't begin until 10:30a.m Joseph Nyakoojo, a teacher at of Ruswiga primary school says his candidates were left stranded with no examination papers delivered by 9:00am. Nyakoojo says it didn't help that he transferred his pupils to Muhororo Muslim Primary School where the situation was no better. The candidates from Ruswiga and Kibanga primary schools had to walk three miles to the next centre causing a further delay of one and half hours. Patrick Munyole, the district inspector of schools says the delays were caused by breakdown in communication between the district education department and the school administrators. According to Munyole Muhororo Muslim Primary School is the main PLE examination center in the area and pupils from Rubanga and Ruswiga primary schools were expected to report there as 7:00am. He says it is easier to invigilate and monitor the progress of the examinations from one main center rather than scattered centers. Meanwhile in Gulu, there were too few invigilators to manage the examinations in the northern Uganda district. 3,674 candidates in 39 examination centres were registered in Gulu. There are however only 39 supervisors and 151 invigilators. Robinson Obot, the District Inspector of Schools says the shortage of invigilators means supervisors and scouts have to perform the role of the invigilators at some of the centers. Obot blames these circumstances on the construction of classrooms in Northern Uganda under a short-notice emergency program. He says that whereas UNEB requires that each exam room sits 25 candidates, several exam rooms in Gulu can only hold between 18 to 20 candidates. Despite, the challenge, Obot says the exams have started well and on time unlike in the past when insecurity caused disruption to the running of the exams.


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