Police Arrest Fort Portal LC3 Election Demonstrators

2117 Views Fort Portal, Uganda
Police in Fort Portal are holding a man and woman in connecting with an attack on a police vehicle on Monday. Fighting broke out on the streets of Fort Portal on Monday when supporters of Herbert Mugisa, winner of the South Division LC3 elections, held a public celebration. What began in jubilation ended in chaos when the police attempted to disperse the crowd by firing into the air. Several people were injured in the ensuing stampede. The crowd, angered by what they considered to be excessive force, turned on the police with sticks and stones. Abdul Mulawi, the officer in charge of Fort Portal Police Station, identifies the two suspects in detention as Bashir Balinda and a woman only identified as Peninah. They are both residents of Kasusu trading center in South Division. Mulawi claims that the duo was at the center of the attacks on policemen and their vehicles. He claims that from the get-go, Herbert Mugisa's victory celebration was out of hand. He says Mugisa's supporters were acting erratically and disrupting traffic in the town and so they had to be stopped. //Cue in: "All of a sudden ..." Cue out: "... from that same spot."// Mulawi says he doesn't apologize for the police use of force in stopping the demonstration. He says that several officers were injured and if he were in their place, he would have resorted to even tougher action against the crowd. //Cue in: "If I was to be there ..." Cue out: "... could be more."// The two suspects will be charged with assault, rioting and malicious damage of police property. ###