Police Deployed As Nominations Kick Off In Sembabule

1202 Views Sembabule, Uganda
Police presence in Sembabule district has been stepped up as nominations for the contestants of the LC 5 seat kicks off. Led by Steven Tanui, the district police commander, the police were deployed about 120meters away from the nomination center. The DPC says that the deployment is in line with the security guidelines required for nominations. Both Herman Ssentongo and Dr Elly Muhumuza, were asked to live their supporters about 120 meters away to avoid clashes between opposing supporters. On Thursday, Dr Elly Muhumuza escorted by his wife arrived at the district headquarters with pomp amid melodies from a brass band. He was nominated as the NRM candidate for the LC 5 seat while the incumbent Herman Sentongo, was nominated at 1: 30pm Both candidates have been at loggerheads since Dr Elly Muhumuza defeated the incumbent district chairman, Herman Sentongo in the strongly disputed NRM party primaries. Herman Sentongo disputed Dr Elly Muhumuza, victory and decided to run for the LC 5 seat as an independent candidate.


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