Police Deploys Around Voters' Register Update Centers in Kampala

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Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson says before April 30th, they got reports of people attacking update officials in some areas within Kampala and its the reason why they have taken the initiative to deploy at all the update centers.

Police has deployed in the various update centers within the city to avert possible outbreak of chaos as the national voters' register update exercise comes to an end today, May 4th.

The national voters' Register update exercise that started on April 7th, was expected to close on April 30th. However it was pushed to May 4th as the number of people turning up on  the last days kept increasing.

Several update centers within Kampala has long queues of people trying to beat today's deadline.

However because of the swelling number at the update centers and slow progress in the update process by officers,police has deployed at least two officers per update center to handle the crowd.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson says before April 30th they got reports of people attacking update officials in some areas within Kampala and hence the deployment.

At Nakivubo update center, the update officials led by Moses Mugasi say since the extension of the exercise,  there have been a high turn-up for the exercise as opposed to the early days of the process. Mugasi says they are currently receiving about 100 people daily compared to 40 that would turn up at the beginning of the exercise.

At Kansanga Secondary School in Makindye, the number of people turning up to verify and update their details also increased from the initial 30 to 80 per day which, the update officers say may be due to heightened publicity by the Electoral Commission.

Simon Kalyango, an update officer told Uganda Radio Network that many people did not  take the exercise seriously until they discovered that if they don't go to verify their details, they will not participate in the 2016 election after Electoral discarded the former registers.

But at Kamokya market, the number of people remained quite low. Officers at the centre say it should have been because people are not aware of the extension. Sarah Malik, an update officer says they have been getting between 30-40 eligible voters update their particulars.
A number of eligible voters are however complaining that their names are missing from the register.

Irene Anderu is one of those who say , their names are missing from the register yet they had registered and received the National Identification cards last year.

//Cue in: "Extension of voters update"
Cue out… "My name in the register"//

Constantine Alioni, another resident also found his name missing from the voters' register.

//Cue in: "Either 10 days"
Cue out… "Argue about it"//

However, Jonathan Teremwa, the Electoral commission spokesperson says call for extension of more days cannot apply because they are following the road map ahead of the 2016 elections.


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