Police Destroys 5 Acres of Marijuana In Kaberamaido

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Police in Kaberamaido district is holding two men believed to have been growing marijuana for over five years undetected.

Police in Kaberamaido district is holding two men believed to have been growing marijuana for over five years undetected.
The suspects are Joseph Ejobu, 48 a resident of Odot village, and Jacob Ekiu 24, who hails from Owera B village all in Kaberamaido Sub County.
The duo was arrested during the ongoing operation to crackdown on increased rate of marijuana growing in the district.
Ahmed Madrit, Kaberamaido District Police Commander says the operation was launched after it emerged that the district is the biggest supplier of all marijuana trafficked and consumed in Lira and Soroti districts.
He says police has preferred a charge of being in possession of illicit drugs against the suspects.
Madrit says police also destroyed closed to five acres of marijuana plantation belonging to Ejobu. He says Ejobu had planted it inside his cassava plantation near his residential home.
Betty Adongo, wife to Ekiu told police that her husband has been growing and trafficking marijuana through his friends in Lira and Soroti districts for years.
Adongo confessed that it was from marijuana growing that they had been earning a living, describing it as a business with high profit turnover.
Ejobu says he uses marijuana to treat his animals and his family as a natural herb for stomach ache, headache, malaria and measles.
Faustino Ekojo, a local resident of Kaberamaido Sub County says marijuana growing is very high in the area.
In June this year, law enforcement agencies in Busia complained that they were struggling to end the thriving cultivation and consumption of marijuana in the district. Marijuana dealers, according to police, have taken to large scale cultivation because of the ready market in the neighbouring Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.
Kennedy Adhola Otiti, the Busia Resident District Commissioner noted that although marijuana trade and consumption is considered illegal in Uganda, several residents are publicly involved in its cultivation and consumption.  He named Masinya, Buhehe and Lumino sub counties as the main suppliers.
Under the Penal Code Act, persons found guilty of being in possession of illicit drugs like marijuana are jailed for a minimum of two years and a maximum of 25 years with options of a fine.
Sections 47(1) and 61 of the National Drug Policy and Authority Act prohibit unlawful possession and smoking of narcotics.