Police, Evangelists Burn Traditional Shrine

800 Views Hoima, Uganda
The police joined hands with a group of evangelical Christians in Hoima district to burn down a traditional shrine belonging to a resident of Rwobuhuka village in Buhimba sub-county. The group attacked Edward Isegeza's home accusing him of bewitching his neighbor's children. Isegeza, who is a well know herbalist, allegedly sent evil spirits to attack the children of his neighbor John Mwesigwa. Mwesigwa claims that whenever they were under attack of the evil spirits, the children called out Isegeza's name and would attempt to run to his home. He says he held several prayer meetings at his home to exorcise the spirits, but nothing worked, prompting him to call the police. Throughout the invasion of his home Isegeza protested his innocence. He said he doesn't practice witchcraft and that his herbs are for purely basic medicinal procedures only. Isegeza's protests were ignored and several trees in his compound were cut down and his work tools were burned to ash. The officer in charge of Buhimba police post, Charles Opaga, said Isegeza is in custody in the police cells. He did not say whether the herbalist would be charged in court or what specific law he had violated.