Police Moves to Deregister Church led by Lakwena's Father

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Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa regional police spokesperson says the church is involved in mysterious activities, which involve strange rituals.

Authorities in Gulu are considering deregistering New Jerusalem Tabernacle ministries, which was started by Severino Okoya Kiberu, the father of the late ex-rebel leader Alice Lakwena. There are more than 500 worshippers in New Jerusalem Tabernacle ministries mostly drawn from Northern Uganda.
Patrick Jimmy Okema, the Aswa regional police spokesperson says the church is involved in mysterious activities, which involve strange rituals. He says the church leadership discourages its followers from seeking treatment from hospital and instead encourages them to go for healing.
Okema says Gulu district local government is working with police to deregister the church.
//Cue in: “if at all they have been licensed……..
Cue out: ……..national level they are involved”//
On Friday last week, a woman identified as Josephine Akidi, the former wife of David Akena died at New Jerusalem worship center, which is found at Kony Paco. Following the death of Akidi, police picked up Severino Okoya, the head of the church and her daughter Dorine Adokorach on Saturday. The duo was released on police bond on Sunday due to the poor health of Okoya.
Okoya claims that he was chosen by God in the eighties to spread his word, adding that, he had a vision while in prison to save the world by preaching the gospel of the new heaven and world. He says those planning to close his church are ignorant about the word of God. Okoya explains that his church doesn’t discriminate against believers basing on their faith provided they practice love and forgiveness.
He however, says that he encourages his followers to seek medical help when their condition worsens adding that, as a leader he knows which kind of situations to pray and which ones to refer to hospital.
Professor Isaac Newton Ojok, a member of the church says it is only God who can reveal the truth of their ministry to the leaders and appeals to the authorities to reconsider their decision to close the church saying it is blessing and healing many souls.
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Ojok met Okoy while on death row in Luzira prison. He says during their interaction Okoya, prophesied that Ojok would be released despite the fact that he was on death row, which came to pass. Professor Ojok was captured by government forces during the last battle between the Holy Spirit Movement and then NRA at Magamaga in Jinja. The chemistry professor was also the education minister in the Obote II two government.


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