Police Officer Arrested For Killing a Boda Boda Motorist

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Tension mounts in Rakai as police officer shoot and kills boda boda motorist. Fellow Boda boda motorist are threatening to burn police post over the killing.

Police in Rakai District have arrested a special police constable for shooting and killing a boda boda cyclist.

Joseph Lubega attached to Kabonera police post in Kakuuto Sub County in Rakai was arrested after he reportedly shot dead a boda boda cyclist identified as Robert Musumba of Nabigasa village in Nabigasa sub county, Rakai District.

Sylvia Nampijja, an eyewitness says that trouble started when Musumba broke into the home of a local businessman identified as Kimera to steal money he had prepared for buying more merchandise.

She explains that Musumba had managed to grab twenty thousand shillings from the Kimera and was demanding for more while threatening to stab the businessman.  Nampijja adds that the police officer Joseph Lubega arrived and tried to arrest him but in the scuffle Musumba attempted to grab a gun from the officer who in turn shot him.

According to Nampijja, Musumba was shot twice in the chest and died instantly. However, angry residents wanted to lynch the police officer whom they accused of shooting Musumba over other misunderstandings but claimed that he found him stealing.

Rose Nabakooza, the Rakai criminal investigation department boss arrived and ordered for the immediate arrest of Lubega and he was transferred to Rakai police station.

Nabakooza says that police has opened up murder charges against the police officer after they got conflicting reports on Musumba's killing.

Musumba's body has been examined at Kakuuto health center Four which ascertained that he died of too much bleeding after the gunshots.

Christopher Kalemba, the Kakuuto LC3 chairman has condemned the shooting to kill saying that the police officer should arrest suspects and prosecute them instead.

This is the first case of this nature in Rakai according to police.