Police Provides Full Time Security for Child Kidnap Victim

1063 Views Kampala, Uganda
Police has provided full time protection to Shafiq Mugambe a 12 year old boy who was kidnapped on December 28. Mugambe is a principle witness in a case of kidnap involving a witchdoctor John Sekiti Semusambwa and two other suspects from Kirinya Bweyogerere. Police moved to protect Mugambe after his mother Betty Kyazike complained that the boy's life was under threat. According to Kyazike she had tried to hide Mugambe in homes of different relatives where unknown people trailed him. Kyazike says Mugambe was kidnapped later when she took him for protection to the home of African Network for the Prevention of Child Neglect and Abuse (ANPPCAN). The head of the Anti child sacrifice and trafficking unit in the Uganda Police Force, Moses Binoga has confirmed police is maintaining full time surveillance of Mugambe. He says the exact whereabouts of the child are a police secret and will remain so to protect his life.


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