Police Quiz Tooro Prince Over King Oyo.

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Geoffrey Kaheebwa, the Kabarole district police commander told Uganda Radio Network that the three were summoned for questioning on allegations of inciting violence and holding illegal meetings.

The Police in Kabarole have quizzed Tooro David Kijanangoma for allegedly holding assemblies inciting people against King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi.

Prince Kijanangoma together with Kamara Jubilee and Allan Kawaya were recording statements at Fort Portal Police Station by the time of filing this report.
Kamara Jubilee and Allan Kawaya are said to be relative to prince Kijanagoma  

Godfrey Kaheebwa, the Kabarole District Police Commander in an interview confirm that the thre were being questioned for inciting violence and holding illegal meetings on allegations. .

Kaheebwa, the three apart from holding illegal meetings in Fort Portal town, were issuing statements meant to incite the people of Tooro against King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV.

On Monday, Prince Kijanangoma, a cousin to King Oyo said they were planning to vote King Oyo out of the throne for failure to perform.

Kijanangoma says that King Oyo has abdicated his kingdom duties and decided to live in Kampala.
He also accuses the king of disrespecting cultural norms and failure to prevail over the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa to stop interfering in Kingdom matters.

Prince Kijanagoma is the son of the late Paul Kijanangoma, the eldest son of Sir George Rukidi, the former King of Tooro.
He is also the younger brother of Happy Kijanangoma, who was shot dead in Fort Portal in 1999.

Former kingdom prime minister, John Sanyu Katuramu, is currently serving a life sentence in Luzira prison for the murder of Prince Happy Kijanangoma. 


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