Police Register Incident-Free New Year

1373 Views Kampala, Uganda
Police are breathing a sigh of relief after registering no terror incidents following an Al Shabab terror threat on Kampala over the New Year. The Al Shabab an Islamist militant group linked to the Al Qaeda have threatened to hit Kampala and Bujumbura for their role in the African Peace Keeping Mission to Somalia. The threat drove police to work closely with even manager and rallied members of the public not to go to entertainment places where there was no screening. Last year on July 11, 58 people died and another over 60 were injured during a twin bombs that hit Kampala City as members of the public were watching the finals of the World cup. However, Kampala Metropolitan Commander, Andrew Sorowen said though police had registered no incident they would remain on high alert for any terror threats. Sorowen said police had deployed heavily to deal with incidents of crime during the New Year transition. //Cue in: "I would like the... Cue out: ...the police."// Though police had registered no major incidents, traffic accidents remained the major challenge that police had to contend with. Four people died in road accidents as members of the public ushered in the New Year. John Kabuye a pedestrian was knocked dead at 10pm by a taxi. Another unidentified person was killed at Nsangi along Masaka by a speeding sand truck at 11:20pm. While another person identified as Christopher Kabigumira was hit and killed by an unknown speeding car. There was also another accident in Mukono at Mbalala in which an unidentified boda boda rider was knocked dead. However Andrew Sorowen the Kampala Metropolitan police commander attributed the accidents to human error like drink driving. According to him, traffic police would continue to conduct snap checks to net drunk drivers. //Cue in: "This time we... Cue out: ...to court."// Police registered some incidents of pickpockets who were arrested and locked up at the various police stations in and around Kampala.


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