Police Tightens Security at Busoga Kingdom Headquarters

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The heavy deployment came after Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi, one of the contenders for the Kyabazinga’s seat forced his way into the Kingdom offices on Tuesday.

Police has tightened security around Busoga Kingdom headquarters in Bugembe to avert clashes amongst the Kingdom loyalists. Heavily armed Anti Riot police has sealed off all the routes leading to the Kingdom headquarters. The police men are also conducting searches for vehicles and people accessing the Kingdom offices. The heavy deployment came after Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi, one of the contenders for the Kyabazinga’s seat forced his way into the Kingdom offices on Tuesday.

It is alleged that Wambuzi, who was accompanied by Maureen Kyalya Walube, the presidential advisor on poverty alleviation in Busoga region, spent sometime in the Kyabazinga’s office be he drove off to his Nakabango private palace. 
This didn’t go down well with some Kingdom loyalists who accused Walube of interfering in the Kingdom wrangles. A group of youth under their umbrella organization Busoga Bulale Foundation mobilized and blocked Katende road which leads to Kingdom headquarters.

The youths who were carrying drums, accused Kyalya of interfering in the Kingdom affairs and demanded that the president recalls her immediately. However, Anti riot police led by Jonathan Musinguzi, the Jinja District Police swung into action and dispersed the irate youths. Jomba farouk, the spokesperson of Busoga Bulale told journalists that they would resume their protests on Wednesday morning, unless Kyalya and Wambuzi come out and apologize for their provocative action.Moses Bakera, the chairman of Busoga Bulale wondered under what capacity Kyalya would come out  to endorse Wambuzi yet the president issued a letter in May saying there was no substantive Kyabazinga.

He advised that the chief prince should continue caretaking the Kingdom until the controversy surrounding the election of the traditional leader is resolved. It is alleged that Kyalya convened a meeting on Sunday, in which she announced her support for Wambuzi saying this would make her work easy of mobilizing the residents against poverty. Confusion is Busoga Kindgom broke out immediately after the late Henry Wako Muloki, succumbed to cancer on 1 September in 2008.

A section of the hereditary chief convened a meeting and appointed his son Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi to succeed him. However, this attracted angry reaction from the remaining chiefs who said the seat of the Kyabazinga was not hereditary but was meant to be held on a rotational basis. The group went ahead and appointed Prince Gabula Nadiope as the legitimate King leading to a stalemate. 


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