Police To build Mini Barracks: General Kayihura

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In short
Now, Kayihura says police says they have resolved to use hydro foam machines to build mini barracks.

Police is to embark on the construction of mini barracks to resolve the accommodation problem, general Kale Kayihura, the Inspector general of police has disclosed. This follows the failure by police to kick start, the Public Private Partnership project because of the lack of enabling laws. Two years ago, Uganda police announced plans to improve staff accommodation in and around Kampala area through the Public Private Partnership project.

Now, Kayihura says they have resolved to use hydro foam machines to build mini barracks. Kayihura has already instructed Andrew Kaweesi, the Kampala Metropolitan police Commander to find land that will host the mini barracks. According to Kayihura, they have secured some funds to kick start the mini barracks project. While presiding at a party organized by policewomento celebrate his promotion to full general, Kayihura asked them to embrace the mini barracks projects. 

He said the police leadership has decided to pay attention to the cop’s welfare adding that, they will also continue funding income generating activities to boost their incomes. Out of the 8000 people in Naguru barracks only 2000 are cops. Kayihura described the dependants as redundant labor that needs to be utilized.  He however, didn’t explain how many mini barracks they intend to construct and how the project will be executed.