Police to Impose Guards on Selected Opposition Legislators

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Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, says since several opposition leaders and army officers are being investigated for treason, they cant continue operating without surveillance.

Police is considering imposing guards on all opposition leaders especially Members of Parliament they deem have intentions of committing crime in their day to day activities.

According to Police, the move is aimed at keeping the opposition leaders under surveillance to stop them from committing crime. 
Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, says that since several opposition leaders and army officers are being investigated for treason, they can't continue operating without surveillance because they can indulge in criminal activities.
So far only Michael Kabaziguruka, the Nakawa Division Member of Parliament is under police protection for his alleged involvement in planning subversive activities within Kampala and around the country.
Opposition leaders have reacted angrily to the proposal by police to impose guards on them. Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party spokesperson, says the move is aimed at infringing on their freedoms.
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Lee Oguzu, the Maracha North Member of Parliament, says the decision by police to impose on them guards is ridiculous. According to Oguzu, it is not a crime for any Ugandan to belong to the opposition.
He appeals to the police leadership to consider other means of engaging them other than imposing on them security they don't need.
However, Enanga says they will not dialogue on security matter, because the targeted opposition leaders have plans of destablising the country.


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