Police To Remit UGX 2B In Unspent Funds

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In short
More than two billion shillings remains unspent by the Uganda Police even as police officers go for months without pay.

More than two billion shillings remains unspent by the Uganda Police even as police officers go for months without pay.
Over the last couple of months police officers have complained over delayed salaries and allowances, but the Force is reported to have at least 2.1 billion shillings that was supposed to be spent on wages in the financial year 2012/2013 for wages.
According to the 2012/2013 financial year budget analysis got from the Ministerial Policy Statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under which Police lies, 2.1 billion was unspent in respect to wages by the Police Force.
In addition the Police Force asked for a 42 billion shillings supplementary budget for allowances in the same financial year on top of the approved 67 billion shillings on allowances in the National Budget.
However, in the written response to the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs, the police force does not explain whether the 2.1 billion shillings is still in their hands or it’s already remitted to the Consolidated Fund.
Rogers Muhirwa, the Under Secretary to Uganda Police, said the 2.1 billion shillings that is indicted in the budget analysis as unspent money in FY 2012/2013 is part of the salaries of Police officers and that it was unspent since it was not enough for salaries for the month of June. Muhirwa said Police was required to have 14 billion shillings to effect payments of the officers for that particular month.
He noted that the 2.1 billion is still on the Police Account in Bank of Uganda and not yet remitted to the Consolidated Fund.
This comes a day after MPs kicked out police bosses who had come to answer the above queries from the Defense and Internal affairs Committee.
The legislators insisted that the officers appear with the Inspector General of Police, General Kale Kayihura and the Internal Affairs Minister General Aronda Nyakairima.
Still surprising with the Police Supplementary requests in the budget analysis, only 4 billion shillings was asked as supplementary in Financial Year 2012/2013 for development compared to the 42 billion that was asked for allowances.
Meanwhile the Budget Analysis shows a rise in Police’s wage allocation for the current Financial Year 2013/2014 by 19.6 billion shillings from 154.6 billion shillings to 174.2 billion appropriated in this Financial Year.
The non-wage allocation reduced from the total budget allocation for FY 2012/2013 by 42 billion shillings which is a potential recipe for a supplementary. In 2012/2013, the total budget approved plus supplementary for Non-wage expenditure amounted to 110.1 billion shillings compared to 67.1 billion shillings which is appropriated this financial year.
The Development Budget allocation for police has in this increased by 7 billion from 53 billion inclusive of supplementary in the last Financial Year to 61billion shillings.
In this financial year budget, Police has no allocation for arrears and taxes. The arrears alone stand at 39.8 billion shillings, implying that without an allocation a supplementary is inevitable.


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