Poor Roads Anger Burere Sub county Residents

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Some of the residents told URN, that the roads have not been graded for so many years.

Residents of Burere Sub County in Buhweju district are up in arms against the authorities for failing to address the poor road network in their area. The most affected road is Nyakasaka -Ekikoroijo –Rwanjere road, which connects Buhweju to the neighboring Sheema and Bushenyi districts. Others are Burere- Nsiika and Bihanga roads. Last week, residents blocked Nyakasaka- Ekikoroijo -Rwanjeru road with huge stones and trunks.

They also planted banana suckers in the middle of the road to express their dissatisfaction over the state of the road.
They vowed not to reopen the road until the authorities work on it. Some of the residents told URN, that the roads have not been graded for so many years. Peter Rubarema, a tea farmer in Burere Sub County says that the situation has been aggravated by the rainy season.
He says that the appalling road network is affecting the transportation of fresh tea leaves by farmers to Igara tea factory in Bushenyi district. Rubarema says that he has lost fresh leaves worth 40 million shillings since the condition of the road deteriorated about a month ago.

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Deo Atuhaire, Burere sub county LC V councilor supports the decision by his electorate to close the roads. He says that they have been pressing the district leadership to work on the roads in vain. Atuhaire has threatened to lead a demonstration to the district headquarters unless the authorities respond to their demands to grade the roads immediately.
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Recently, Sebastiano Kerere, the Buhweju LC V chairperson promised to address the problem of the poor road network since they had received a grader from government.