Poor Sanitation Angers MUK Students

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Makerere university students in the school of agricultural and environmental sciences have demonstrated over poor sanitation and hygiene. On Tuesday over 300 students led by Julius Mabuye a 3rd year student stormed out the lecture rooms demanding for improvement of the college sanitation environment, by working on the toilet facilities.

Students at the school of agricultural and environmental sciences in Makerere University have demonstrated against poor sanitation and hygiene.

More than 300 students led by Julius Mabuye, a 3rd year student stormed out of the lecture rooms, on Tuesday demanding for improvement of the college sanitation environment.

They want  toilet facilities repaired,  lecture rooms rehabilitated, broken seats repaired and new computers installed in  the laboratory. They also demand new projectors and want a constant fuelling of the power generators during power outages.

Mabuye says the two toilet facilities lack water, the flash system is not functional and there is no functional computer in the laboratory. 

// Cue in: “And among the …
Cue out: … in alarming state.” //

Emanuel Ekulu, another student says their complaints about poor sanitation have been heard over the last two years but with no response.

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Cue out:  …shall not allow that.”//

Professor Samuel Kyamanywa, the acting principle college of agriculture and environmental studies, admits that access to the toilet facilities has remained a challenge due to the big population in the school.

Professor Kyamanywa says the college that was designed to cater for just 120 people, has a population of between 500 to 1000 people per day.

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Kyamanywa says that the college runs on activity managed budget of 40 billion shillings per year.

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Cue out: …we lost money.” //

But Kyamanywa is optimistic that the sitiuation will be fine when  the college  transfers to Kabanyoro. He said that he has submitted a budget of 250 billion shillings to the central government to work on its facilities at the new location at Kabanyoro agricultural institute.

He says part of the money shall help the college to set up modern facilities at the new site to match with international standards.