President Museveni Orders for Construction of Road to Landslide Scene in Bududa

1639 Views Bududa, Eastern Region, Uganda
President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has directed for the immediate construction of a road leading up to Nametsi village in Bududa, the scene of the landslide disaster which claimed more than 300 people last week. The Lack of access roads to Nametsi village has severely affected the rescue efforts as earth moving equipments can not be transported to the disaster scene. The village which is located on Mt. Elgon can only be reached on foot as vehicles stop more than ten kilometers away. The problem left rescuers with no option but to use hand tools to dig through the rubble. By Saturday evening only eighty-five bodies out of the more than three hundred missing people had been recovered. Major General Dr. Julius Oketta the Disaster Coordinator in the office of the Prime Minister says that the president has directed for a road to be constructed up to Nametsi village. // Cue in: "The president..." Cue out "...the incident has taken place" // Oketta says the road will be vital in future incase the place is declared a mass grave.


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