Prolonged Drought Pushes Up Food Prices in Kampala

6609 Views Kampala, Uganda
Food prices in Kampala continue to rise as the dry season in Uganda enters its third month. The price of a liter of milk has gone up from 450 shillings to 600 shillings. Edward Buteera of Unique Dairy in Nakasero said the bulk of the milk supply is coming from Mbarara, with very little input from the central Uganda areas of Nakasongola and Bugerere. Buteera expects the cost of milk to remain high until the rainy season begins in April. Also affected by the drought is the production of bananas. Ezra Kaye, a vendor in Nakasero Market, said the cost of matooke ranges from between 9,000 and 12,000 shillings. In Owino market, the price of Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes and cassava is also quite high. A bag of yellow sweet potatoes from Soroti is up to 35,000 shillings from 25,000 shillings, while the price of a regular heap of cassava is as high as 20,000 shillings. Only passion fruit seems to have escaped the price increase. Rwanda and Kenya are the main suppliers of passion fruit, with the price of a sack of passion fruit coming down from 160,000 shillings to 120,000 shillings.