Religious Leaders Pray for Peaceful Retirement of Museveni

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The politicians made the appeal to God in a prayer breakfast meeting organized by the Inter Religious council for members of parliament on Friday at Serena Hotel.

Senior politicians across the political divide have united with top religious leaders and prayed to God to allow President Yoweri Museveni to plan a peaceful exit from power. The politicians made the appeal to God in a prayer breakfast meeting organized by the Inter Religious council for members of parliament on Friday at Serena Hotel.
The prayer breakfast brought together heads of religious denominations in the country, political leaders such as the Vice president Edward Sekandi, Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga and her Deputy Jacob Oulanyah, UPDF Commander of Land Forces, Lt. Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala and opposition leaders including FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso amongst others.

During the main prayer, Julius Peter Oyet, the Deputy Presiding Apostle of the Born Again Faith in Uganda, wondered when Uganda would have a president retiring peacefully and later dying within the country. He called on the country to pray for a day that would see Museveni die and be buried in a known grave in Uganda.
Oyet caused excitement among the congregation when he narrated the history of Uganda’s nine Presidents; starting with the first post - Independent Head of State Sir Edward Mutesa, whose graveyard he said nobody knows where it is located. He said that other presidents that followed; Yusuf Lule, Tito Okello, Milton Obote and Idi Amin, all died outside Uganda while in exile.  
At this point, the congregation shouted “Aimen” as the Oyet continued with the prayer, visibly possessed in his prayer. He said as religious leaders, they would stand by the truth and not fear to say anything, emphasizing that the country was for all. Oyet prayed for the Speaker, MPs and soldiers whose contribution he said has brought peace to the country.

Oyet outlined 10 challenges; he referred to as the ten sin of Uganda that the country currently faces as it celebrates 50 years of Independence. They include Corruption, Immorality, Violence, Tribalism, Unnecessary bloodshed and Dishonesty in trade and other business sector. Others he said include Ungodliness, Idolatry or worshiping of worldly glory, Irresponsibility and Negligence of duty, Political Intolerance.

The theme of the Breakfast meeting for this year was “Stewards with a Higher Calling”. Kadaga said that MPs were Stewards with a higher calling and said the prayer offered to them by the religious leaders from all over the country was an outward expression of their solidarity with MPs in the service of Uganda as a nation.

She said that she was happy because with the prayers offered, as the house begins its new 2nd session, MPs would gain more courage and confidence to understand, influence and put in place policies and laws that can address the real problems of the population.

Kadaga said that as people’s representatives in parliament the country faces numerous challenges that require spiritual guidance and support from religious leaders as well as all Ugandans. She said that such challenges need prayers for more wisdom and better leadership.

The guest of Honor, Vice President Edward Sekandi, said that there was need for the country to pray for tolerance and unity in the country. He said that there was no need to be divided because issues of development such as Health, Peace, Justice, Good Governance and Education, do not know color or religion.

He thanked the religious leaders for making a positive difference in the lives of ordinary Ugandans through their prayers. Since the beginning of this year, religious leaders have piled more pressure than any other time in the past, demanding that President Museveni starts preparing to leave power as age increasingly catches up with him.