Residents Bitter as Health Workers Abandon Facility

2016 Views Kisoro, Western Region, Uganda

In short
Residents say that health center which had five health workers has been closed and the locals left to suffer without any health services being extended to them.

Kateretere Health Centre III health workers have abandoned their work station. The health centre is located in Kigunga, Bukimbiri sub county, Kisoro district.
Five health workers are supposed to man the health centre.
Medard Nsabimana is an area resident. He says that the community is confused because their leaders have not done much to get the health workers to return to their posts.
Nsabimana adds that before the health workers abandoned the centre, their relationship with the community they serve was bad. He says thet they were often rude and almost unhelpful.
Our reporter visited the facility and found that only one health worker who is a mid wife at the facility while other departments were closed.
Kisoro district Health Officer Dr Stephen Nsabiyumva says that his office has already received concerns from the locals and went  ahead to verify them.
He says that his office has responded by assigning new staff to the facility who are yet to leave their current work places for Kateretere health centre III.
Nsabiyunva says that the district has also summoned the health workers who abandoned work to appear before the disciplinary committee to table their defense before any kind of action is taken against them.
He urged local leaders to report such cases quickly.