Attiak Leaders Want Alcohol Distilling Banned

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In short
Community leaders of Payiro parish in Attiak sub-county blame animal distilling for the increasing crimes and underdevelopment on increasing alcoholism. They are proposing a by-law that will ban local production of alcohol.

Community and opinion leaders in Payiro, Attiak sub-county in Amuru district are proposing a ban on alcohol preparation in the area to avoid drunkenness during working hours and promote development.

Speaking during a dialogue organized by the Amuru district health team, residents and area leaders were concerned that many people are living reckless lives. They cite an example of a man who died in his house after allegedly taking too much alcohol.
An 86-year old clan leader, Zachaeus Odur told the meeting that alcohol has become a curse in the clan, with many young people wasting their lives away. He is now proposing a by-law to ban local production, so that access to alcohol can be limited.
The chairman Payiro parish, Celcius Langoya, says drinking is leading to crimes like incest, as well as the high school dropouts in the area.
Stanislaus Owachi, the Amuru district secretary for health and education says over drinking is the reason why many parents are not able to send their children to school. According to Owachi, the only solution is for a by-law to be passed banning alcohol distilling in the parish.
But women involved in distilling criticised the proposal, saying that is the only source of livelihood for them. Milly Atoo, says if the ban is implemented, they will not have any source of income for their families.