Reverend to Face High Court Trial for his Wife's Murder

2052 Views Jinja, Uganda
A former priest of the Anglican Church of Uganda has been committed to the High Court for trial for murder. Rev. Canon John Egessa Wandera was charged at Jinja Grade II Magistrate's Court for the murder of his wife, Winfred Wandera Matama. According to the prosecution, the 68-year-old Rev. Wandera colluded with Raphael Osuna, a teacher from Busowa in Bugiri, to kill his wife because of a misunderstanding over the mortgaging of family land. According to investigations, the reverend wanted to obtain a bank loan, using the land as collateral. His wife was against this decision because of the risk involved. Rev. Wandera, who left the Church of Uganda for the Charismatic Church several years ago, is alleged to have threatened his wife with death on several occasions if she did not give in to his demands. The case file papers say Mrs. Wandera was afraid of her husband. She wrote a letter to her daughter, informing her of the threats, and asking for help. Winfred Wandera's body' was found dumped near her home with a cloth noose around her neck. What was initially considered to be a case of suicide was soon ruled as murder. The case has now moved to Jinja High Court for trial.