Rift at Mengo Over Kasubi tombs reconstruction plan

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Rift at Mengo over the reconstruction of Kasubi tombs

The diversion of the reconstruction plan for Kasubi royal tombs has sparked off a rift between members of the royal family and Mengo government officials. The emerging rift has also been fueled by the unaccounted money contributions towards the reconstruction of the tombs since they were burnt a year ago.

Bamweyana Walugembe, head of the royal family, says the reconstruction plan was drawn in in January 2011 and specialization of work was to be put into consideration between the royal family and Mengo officials. Under the  reconstruction plan, the royal family was mandated to erect the perimeter wall surrounding the 66 acres of land.

He also says Mengo and the 52 clan heads were tasked in the reconstruction of Muzibu Azaala Mpanga, and to perform all the required rituals.

Bamweyana says the resources would then be shared as per the volume of the work. He says the perimeter wall, was priority number one before the construction of the main House.

Bamweyana says as members of the royal family, they have been denied knowledge of how much has been contributed so far, and yet yet efforts to use their own resources in  the reconstruction of the tombs has been blocked by the Katikiro John Bosco Walusimbi.

Bamweyana cliams money for the construction of the wall has been inflated to 1.8 billion shillings.

Gladys Nandaula, another member of the royal family describes it as a shame for an institution of the Buganda kingdom to fail to reconstruct the tombs after a years’ period. She says while Park yard market, Kisseka Market and many schools that were burnt in the same period the tombs were burnt have been reconstructed nothing has taken place at the tombs.

She says as members of the royal family they are determined to construct the perimeter wall using their own resources as they solicit for material contributions from members of the public.

Friday's Eddoboozi a Luganda, new paper based at Mengo quoted a number of royals including Nnalinya Nandaula and Bamweyana Walugembe as being rebellious to the kingdom and plotting to install a new Kabaka.

But Bamweyana denies any plot to outset the Kabaka, saying such accusations are against diverting the royals from the rightful cause.

On Tuesday,  Buganda Lukiiko John Baptists Walusimbi ,insisted a reconstruction committee be  set up comprising of all categories of the kingdom including mebers of the royal family.

Walusimbi says any member of the royal family who are not on the contruction committee should desist from interfering with the reconstruction work. 

According to Walusimbi public contribution for the tombs has accumulated to 600 million shillings on top of the 2 billion shillings from UNESCO.

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