Road to Decentralization Process Remains Bleak- Experts Say

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The road to the decentralization process in Uganda remains bleak and an illusion for many ordinary Ugandans, experts have noted. Introduced 18-years ago, the decentralization policy was intended to empower the local communities in the decision making process. But experts say the idea of empowering communities through shared responsibility and power has remained just an illusion. They say that the process has been thwarted by the limited involvement of the ordinary person in the decision making process. Dr. Jaime Benevente, the head of Strengthening Decentralization For Sustainability in Uganda says people have had little input into the formulation of the policies and many others still cannot access the services. // Cue In "Uganda was. ... Cue Out ... resources and authority"// Isha Otto, the Oyam South Member of parliament, says the decentralization policy has also been quashed by thefailure to streamline the process of channeling the money from the Central government. Otto says that the administrative costs and political emoluments have eaten up huge sums of money, meant to benefit the ordinary citizens. //Cue In "Decentralization can not work... Cue Out.. That is what is happening now"// Swizin Kinga Mugyema, the Local Government Ministry Commissioner, in charge of Local Council Development admits that people have at times not taken interest in pushing for policies even when mandated by law. //Cue in "The local communities have been... Cue Out ... at LC one"// Meanwhile, the Local government ministry together with the US Agency for international Development plans to pilot means of strengthening decentralization in 45 districts. The 40 million dollar project is aimed at strengthening service delivery in health.


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