Rubaga Polls Marred by Low Voter Turn-up

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Fewer voters have turned out in the ongoing Rubaga division LC III by-elections. Only a handful of voters had voted at various polling stations by Mid-day, and there were no immediate signs that the numbers would increase. Polling officials attribute the poor voter turn out on the Electoral Commission's delay to supply voting materials and the early morning rain. At Kasubi- Masira only 47 out of the 986 voters registered at the A-K polling station had cast their vote by mid-day. The situation was not any better at the adjacent Masiro L-M polling station. Out of the 524 registered voters only 40 had showed up by mid day. According to Annet Atuhairwe a polling official at Masiro L-M station, EC delivered their voting materials at 9am, two hours late from the official start of the voting exercise. At N-AL Polling station in Masiro, only 17 out of the 549 voters had cast their votes by lunch time. Bernard Bukenya a businessman at Munaku zone told the URN, that he arrived at the polling station early enough but found no voting materials. Bukenya said it would be hard for him to return to the polling station to cast his vote. Joyce Sebugwawo (FDC), Henry Lubowa (SDP), Justin Sendikadiwa (Independent), Moses Makumbi (DP) and Erika Caroline Kakembo (Independent) are facing NRM's pastor Peter Sematimba for the Lubaga LC III chair. While at Kamokya park yard, where by elections are being held for the positioon of a directly elected woman councilor to the central division by 10:00am only 23 voters out 456 had cast their votes. The NRM's Hajjati Minsa Kabanda is facing off with DPs Hadijah Nantenza, for the woman's central division seat. Hajjati Nanteza a voter found at the Kamokya polling station described the elections as a waste of time. Although she had come to the polling station Nanteza, confessed that she lost interest in elections way back in 2001 when she did not find her name on the register.


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