Rubirizi Residents Protest Demolition of Property Over Road Expansion

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However, the road expansions are expected to affect more than 100 residents.

Residents of Katanda and Katerera sub counties in Rubirizi district are protesting the proposed demolition of their properties to pave way for the road expansion works before they are compensated. 

In November last year, Rubirizi district contracted Victoria construction limited to expand Katanda and Katerera roads. However, the road expansions are expected to affect more than 100 residents.

Grace Katushabe, a resident of Katanda village is one such resident. Katushabe says that they resolved that the district compensates them before the commencement of the road works, but surprisingly her property was destroyed before she is cleared.

She says the demolition of her two semi permanent houses in the trading center that have been a major source of income for the family will not go unchallenged.

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//Cue in: "Our houses…..
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Desire Amumpaire, another resident blames the mess on George Mugisha, the Rubirizi district engineer.  He says the engineer should have struck a compromise with residents before driving graders through their property.  
However, Mugisha explains that residents were sensitized and asked to surrender between 12 -18 metres from their land for the road expansion.

According to Mugisha, they are to first expand the 26kms Katanda road and before embarking on the 19km Katerera road stretch to pave way for their tarmaking.

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Cue out:……their properties."//

Mugisha says although the residents are trying to play delaying tactics citing lack of compensation, this will not deter them from commencing with road works as planned. David Kisembo, the Rubirizi district LC V chairperson says Katanda and Katerera roads have been a major problem to residents because they are surrounded by hills. 

He asks residents to embrace the decision by government to tarmac both roads. Kisembo says currently a bunch of Matooke and a tine of potatoes in Katerera cost 2000 shillings respectively, yet they could fetch up to 12,000 shillings in the neighboring towns with a good road. 

Katetera Sub County is known for producing small Onions and coffee. The sub county borders Queen Elizabeth national park.