Rugby refree wants life ban for Kobs players

1707 Views Kampala, Uganda
The Uganda Rugby Disciplinary Committee has today received a petition from the referee who was roughed up in a match between the Kobs and Heathens in the recently concluded Hima 10s tournament. Collins George Mulindwa was assaulted by the kobs coach Fred Mudoola and two of the players Victor Wadia and Steven Ogwete. According to Mulindwa the 8, 6 and 4 months ban given to the coach and players respectively are too lenient. Mulindwa says that the committee may have been lenient to the player since it's composed of onetime players of Kobs. He says that the minutes of the disciplinary committee contradict what transpired on the pitch. //Cue in: iThey had their #i Cue out: i#held my neck.i// Mudoola is appearing before the disciplinary committee for the third time this year and Mulindwa says a life ban would serve him better. According to Mulindwa, Mudoola previously assaulted him at Namilyango secondary school. Mulindwa has vowed to seek justice from the International Rugby board or police unless the disciplinary committee resolves the dispute fairly


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