Isabaruuli Disgruntled with Gov't Treatment of Cultural Leaders Top story

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In his speech, the Sabaruli accused government of discriminating against some cultural leaders.

Mwogezi Butamanya Issabalongo, the Isabaruuli of Buruli Chiefdom has asked government to treat all cultural leaders in the country equally.
He was speaking at a meeting organised by Uganda Kings and Cultural Leader's Forum in Kampala on Saturday. The meeting was attended by cultural leaders from Buruli, Bogwere, Bunyala and Lango. In his speech, the Isabaruuli accused government of discriminating against some cultural leaders.

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He wondered why president, Yoweri Museveni summons some of cultural leaders when he needs them and visits others in their palaces. 
"Why are they treating us differently? When they need me, I am told to go where they are but for some people, the President even goes and visits them. We are all cultural leaders. So, what makes others special and others not?"

Isabaruuli's concern comes just a few days following Museveni's visit to Kabaka's palace in Banda. However, some of the cultural leaders expressed reservations for Isabaruuli's concern, saying government has done what it can to accommodate them to the extent of giving a monthly allowance of Shillings 5million.

George Kyaligonza, the Secretary General of the forum and Bunyoro Deputy Prime Minister, urged the cultural leaders to be patient. He argued that government cannot treat them equally because some kingdoms date back many years.
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The Bugwere King, John Chrysostom Wayabire asked his counterparts to stop complaining and concentrate their efforts on championing developmental issues in their area. 

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