Salva Kiir is Not Dead- South Sudan Govt

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Moments ago, South Sudan information Minister told journalists in Juba that Salva Kiir is not dead describing the rumor as unfortunate.

South Sudan's Information Minister Michael Makuei Lueth has dismissed reports that the country's president Salva Kiir has died.

There has been speculation across the South Sudan capital Juba and on social media that Kiir had been killed. Government had however remained silent raising doubt about Kiir's whereabouts.

Moments ago, Lueth addressed a press conference in Juba and dismissed the information as unfortunate. According to South Sudan media, Lueth threatened to cut off internet services across the country in order to restrict what he called 'warmongers' that are determined to cause insecurity in the country.

"Yesterday I was called and asked a clear question, is Salva Kiir dead or alive, this was a direct question, and I said no, this is a mere lie, there is nothing as such, Salva Kiir has not even been sick, he was in the office since morning up to this afternoon, he left the office at 4:30 pm, and at present he is in his house," he explained.

He added; "Another mad person decided to put in the media that Salva Kiir is dead, it was also another problem, and I have been receiving calls all over the world that Salva Kiir is dead, and this is done here, this is unfortunate, "said Makuei.

This afternoon, a video showing Salva Kiir aboard a white pickup draped with a South Sudan flag started circulating on social media. Posts also indicated that he went around Juba in the same pickup to prove that he was alive and well.

South Sudan's radio Tamazuj reports that Makuei, who is also the government spokesman, denied rumors about attempted coup being organized by former dissidents of Riek Machar, Equatorians and the Murle tribe in Juba.

"All these are wild rumors which are usually created in order to cause havoc and inculcate fear into the people in Juba, and people are advised to leave Juba claiming that the situation will worsen in Juba this time round," he said.

He also denied rumors about ongoing killings in Juba neighborhoods, while advising citizens not to live under unnecessary tension.

"There is no killing of any body, and if there will be any killing, it will be by law, when we apprehend those culprits, we will take them to book, and they will answer," he said.