School for Professional Housegirls Opens in Lira

1667 Views Lira, Uganda
Lira town this week witnessed the opening of the first-ever school for house girls in the district. Lira Newton School for Housemaids in Ojwina Division in Lira town opened its gates on Wednesday. 25 young ladies enrolled in the school to learn professional cleaning and cooking. They will also taught etiquette and housekeeping. The owner of Lira Newton School for Housemaids is businessman, Joel Newton Ogal. Ogal says the idea of starting a school for housemaids came to him after numerous conversations he had with family and friends on their troubles with house girls. He says he believes that most house girls are incapable of doing the work assigned to them because they lack the necessary skills and haven't been taught to think on their own or to make meaningful decisions about their work. Ogal says the aim of the school is to broaden the horizons of house girls and to prepare them for the demands of their jobs. Students of Lira Newton School for Housemaids will also be given basic lessons in human rights and the law. Joel Ogal says this is important to empower young ladies to defend themselves against abuse by their employers. To enroll in the school, one must have a P7 certificate, a letter of recommendation from the local council one authorities and a birth certificate. The one year course costs 300,000 shillings.