School Head teacher Arrested Over Salaries

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In short
Head Teacher Arrested for failure to pay Teachers Salaries

The headmistress of cream star primary school, a private day and boarding primary school in Kiboga has been arrested for allegedly failing to pay salaries for her teachers.

Meme Magrate, was arrested on good Friday and has since been in detention at Kiboga police station.

Seven teachers accuse are demanding for two months in salary arrears. The teachers decided to take the matter to police, accusing the head teacher of negligence.

She is alo accused of failing to feed the children in the boarding section.

Godfrey Emajongo, the criminal investigations officer, says police have found out that the head teacher has never paid her teachers.   

Emajongo says that police have also confirmed that the teacher failed to provide meals to boarding pupils putting the lives of the children at risk.

On Monday, Meme pleaded for a police bond arguing that if released, she would be able to sell of her agricultural produce to raise the money required to pay off the teachers salary arrears.

The head teacher explained that the school was finding it difficult to pay the teachers on time because the school has been operating on losses due to the increasing costs of goods.

The criminal investigations officer however says that police wants the head teacher and her teachers to reach an amicable understanding on the terms of payment.

He however says that if there is no agreement reached, the head teacher will be produced in court, to answer charges of negligence.

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