School Management Committees Suspended Over Abuse Of Office

2098 Views Lira, Uganda
The authorities in Lira municipal council have suspended the school management committees (SMCs) of three primary schools, for abuse of office and work interference.

Jayne Frances Ofungi, the Municipal Education Officer says the schools are Ayago P.7, Otim Tom P.7 and Aduku road Primary school.

Ofungi says that the school management committees were suspended because they failed to execute their mandatory duties. She explains that the management committees at Aduku road SDA P.7 connived with the foundation body to block the transfer of a new head teacher to the school.

The committee allegedly claimed that a non-seventh day Adventist believer couldn’t lead the school; a claim which Municipal authority said is unacceptable.

Ofungi says that it is not written anywhere in the education act that for anybody to be the head teacher a particular school he/she must first subscribed to the religion of the foundation body.

Last week, parents of Aduku road SDA primary school, at Iredha village, raided the school, and locked all the offices and blocked the transfer of Agel Moses.

But police on the orders of town clerk, Paul Omoko, re-opened the offices.

Moris Odung Omara, Lira municipal council speaker said, school management committee must operate within the jurisdiction and stop interfering with the high authority’s mandatory tasks.

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