Schools Face Food Shortage Due to Dry Spell

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Moses Kumaraki, the deputy head teacher says that the school is facing food shortage since their food stocks are almost running out.

Schools in Kabarole district are facing shortage of food as a result of the dry spell. Some of the schools especially in rural areas have large chunks of land where they grow rice, maize, groundnuts and beans to feed learners. However, all the gardens have gone dry and left the schools with no food to feed the children.  This has forced some of the schools to provide pupils, with one meal a day. At St Peter’s Boarding Primary School in Kichwamba Sub County, all the three acres of maize garden have dried up.

Moses Kumaraki, the deputy head teacher says that the school is facing food shortage since their food stocks are almost running out.  Kumaraki says for them to survive up to the end of the term they need more bags of Maize, cassava flour and beans but they lack funds. He says in Fort Portal where they purchase maize flour the price has hiked from sixty to one hundred thousand shillings a bag. Kumaraki also states that sometimes the school resorts to feeding pupils on one meal a day so that they can save food for the next day.

He says parents have been notified about the food shortage adding that, they have been requested to pay extra money to purchase food. Kumaraki ruled out premature closure of the school, since the pupils are yet to sit for the end of term examinations. At Kibende day and boarding secondary school in Bukuku Sub County, the school’s maize and rice gardens were also affected by drought. Joyce Byamukama, the headmistress says that the food stocks in the store may not last up to the end of the term.
Byamukama says on top of losing maize crops, the dry spell has not spared the ground nuts, beans, sweet potatoes and cassava, which the students have been feeding on.  The dry spell hasn't also spared t cattle belonging to the school.  Byamukama says the prolonged dry season has severely reduced milk output for the school due to lack of water and pastures for the cattle. Last month, the school lost seven heads of cattle that could not withstand the long distances for grazing and lack of water. Byamukama is optimistic that with the rains coming soon, they will have food the next term.
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