Scores Injured As NRM Supporters Fight For T-shirts

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The scuffle saw over 15 people injured, after a fight for NRM T-shirts ensued before president Museveni arrived for his rally in Kisoro.

At least 15 people were reportedly injured following a scuffle among members of the National Resistance Movement over the sharing of president Museveni campaign T-shirts at Nyakabande sub-county in Kisoro district.

The scuffle started when the supporters who were waiting for president Museveni failed to agree on how to share the 800 T-shirts, which were much fewer that the number of people present.

A middle aged man who had been tasked with the responsibility of distributing the T-shirts was rounded up by the supporters and fighting broke out immediately.

It took the intervention of the police to calm down the situation.
Ferdinand Niyonzima was one of the victims of the scuffle. Besides getting minor injuries, he lost his mobile phone and 50,000 shillings.
The officer in charge of police operations in Kisoro, John Wamuno confirmed there was a scuffle at the Nyakabande sub-county head quarters, but could not provide details of injuries.

Wamuno says they have made some arrests but declined to reveal the identities of the suspects, their number, or where they are detained.
He says that the suspects are facing changes of the theft, since they are believed to be behind the disappearance of some items belonging to the supporters who had turned up for the rally.
He also confirms that an expectant mother had been injured in the scuffle but declined to comment further on her state.

By the time President Museveni arrived for the rally, calm had returned and he was welcomed by thousands of cheering supporters.
While speaking at the rally,Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni asked the people of Kisoro to elect NRM flag bearers.

His remarks came at time when the supporters were demanding that he explains the confusion in Bufumbira East where the NRM party flag bearer, James Nsaaba Buturo was nominated as an independent candidate after his rival, Eddie Kwizera secured an interim court restraining the NRM party from presenting Buturo as their candidate.

Buturo had beaten Kwizera in the NRM party primaries which he referred to as fraudulent. 
The two all ended up being nominated as independent. Both candidates were present at the rally.