Security at Nakasero Mosque Remains Tight

1601 Views Kampala, Uganda
Security at Nakasero Market in Kampala remained tight on Monday following threats by the some Muslims loyal to Sheikh Muhamad Kamoga, the leader of a breakaway Tabligh Community, to unseat Sheikh Sulaiman Kaketo, the head of the mosque. Kakeeto's troubles stem from his decision to lease out the land on which the mosques is seated to city businessman Mutasa Kafero for redevelopment. The lease agreement was signed on April 8, between the Uganda Muslim Suuni Association and Uganda Muslim Tabliq Community as tenants and Mutasa as the re-developer. According to the agreement, Mutasa would build a multi-storied commercial building on plot 4 Snay Bin Amen Street, and Plot 17A, 17B, and 17C on Entebbe road, home of Nakasero mosque. But Kamoga's faction is opposed to the redevelopment and has vowed to unseat Kakeeto. On Saturday, the group pitched camp at the mosque claiming that they had received information that Sheikh Kakeeto was in the process of pulling down the mosque to pave way for its redevelopment. Police presence remained visible all around the mosque, despite the fact that some Muslims agreed to relocate to Nalule arcade to pave way for the demolition of the mosque. Kakeeto remains defiant and insists that an agreement has been reached and that he is not ready to backtrack on it. The stand off between Kakeeto and Sheikh Kamoga's groups has affected several businesses that have been operating around the mosque. Traders in the Muslim tunics have for most of the day remained stranded for fear of exposing their businesses to rowdy protesters. Many turned up at their shops but refused to open them up. Meanwhile Kakeeto says that the final decision on whether or not the mosque land should be leased out will be reached on Thursday. Kakeeto says that Nakasero mosques will remain under tight security until Friday this week. Nakasero mosque was constructed in the early 1940's by the Indian suuni's, but taken over by the tabliques in the 1970's.


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