Security Sector Spending To Hit 1 Trillion

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The budget estimates read out to the Parliament by the Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka indicate that the security budget will be allocated 1005.5 billion shillings up from 838billion shillings in the last financial year.

The security sector will have an increment on their budget this financial year as the country faces increased security threats.
In the 2014/2015 budget estimates read out to Parliament today, Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka indicates that security will be allocated over one trillion shillings up from 838 billion shillings in the 2013/14 financial year.
This is 7.1% of the 15 trillion shilling budget.
Uganda has recently been involved in the war in South Sudan, an expense that appears to have stretched the defence and security expenditure. According to estimates laid to the parliament by the security minister Chrispus Kiyonga last week, the Ugandan army has used up to 25 billion shillings since they deployed in South Sudan in December last year.
The defence ministry is still seeking an extra 170 billion shillings in supplementary budget to fund the war. Of the mentioned 170 billion, 85 billion is needed urgently for what the minister called a ‘classified expenditure’. Pressed to explain to the defence committee, Kiyonga said UPDF needed an artillery boost and the money was for the purchase of arms.
In the defence committee’s report to parliament, it was noted that the entire security expenditure on classified budgets had risen from 122 billion to 300 billion shillings in the 2013/14 financial year.
Under the security budget are the ministry of defence, ministry of internal affairs, Uganda Police Force, Uganda Prisons and the Directorate of Immigration.
According to the budget speech read out today,   maintenance of national security and defence is the key priority for the coming year and professionalising of security forces and equipping them with arms is the major target.
In his remarks after the budget speech, the President Yoweri Museveni noted that the major concerns for security are the elimination of the acts of terrorism, military support to the South Sudan government and protection of person and property in Uganda. He added that the benefits of the army’s intervention in South Sudan are enough justification for the increase in their budgetary allocation. 
The security threats currently laden to the country are terrorism from al-shabaab, rebel groups like the ADF and the LRA and the war in South Sudan.  


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