LC1 Candidate Sleeps in Cells for Confiscating Voter's Register

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In short
Kweyamba was picked up by police after running away with the voters register from a polling station fearing defeat by his opponent.

Zebrone Kweyamba, one of the candidates for the Nsagazi A village chairperson's seat in Sembabule district is behind bars at Ntuusi Sub County Police station for confiscating the voters register.

Kweyamba was picked up by police after running away with the voter's register from a  polling station fearing defeat by his opponent.

Kweyamba has been the incumbent village chairperson and NRM party candidate. He was facing still challenge from Francis Kiyimba, an independent candidate.
According to eye witnesses, Kweyamba went straight to the presiding officer and snatched the register before running away with it leading to the suspension of the polls.
George Okuku, the Officer-in-Charge of Ntuusi Police Station, says they tracked Kweyamba and picked him up from his home.

He says they are holding Kweyamba for interfering with the election process.
Meanwhile, Electoral Commission cleared elections in 11 villages that had been declared illegal by some residents.
On Monday, the Lwemiyaga County Member of Parliament, Theodore Ssekikubo led a group of residents in the recently created Nyabitanga sub county to petition Electoral Commission to call off elections in the contested villages until the issues surrounding their creation are cleared.
They include Kyengumba, Kyoga, Kyasoboka, Keisha, Lyengoma, Njenje, Kisaana, Kitokoro, Lyentuha, Gantama B and Bugasha villages.
According to the petitioners the villages were demarcated in error and as a result were not gazetted by the Local Government Ministry.

However, the Electoral Commission Chairperson, Justice Simon Byabakama has okayed polls in the affected villages, saying that all other election activities had taken place in the villages and there was no need to halt the polling.

The letter indicates that even women council elections had taken place in the said villages with valid registers an indication that they are legally known by the commission.