Slain Sheikh Bahiga Mentioned Kamoga in Dying Moments

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A witness, whose name has been concealed told court that Sheikh Mustapha Bahiga called out Kamoga and kept asking him why he had chosen that path.

The late Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga called out the name Kamoga several times in his dying moments, a prosecution witness has told the International Crimes Division of the High Court (ICD) today.

The witness, whose name has been concealed upon request by prosecution, told court presided over by a panel of three judges that Bahiga who mentioned only one name was asking his tormentor why he had chosen 'that path'.

The witness told court that on the fateful day of December 28, 2014, Sheikh Bahiga was taken to Namulundu Health Centre, by two young men, after he was allegedly shot while in Bwebajja, along Entebbe Road. She said Bahiga was bleeding profusely and had gunshot wounds on his back.

The witness told court that as first aid and cannulas were administrated, Bahiga objected and pulled them out saying he should not be subjected to further pain yet it was clear that he wouldn't make it. 

"Don't take me through this pain because I know I am going to die. Kamoga; is this what you have decided to do, let me die for my religion,"  the 37-year old witness narrated to court.

Her evidence seemed to be pinning Sheikh Yunus Muhammad Kamoga, the leader of the Tabliq sect, one of the 14 suspects facing trial for masterminding attacks against senior Muslim clerics across the country.

However, during cross examination led by defence lawyer Fred Muwema, the witness could not confirm if the utterance was implicating Sheikh Yunus Kamoga, since the second name was never mentioned.

Earlier in the day, two more witnesses testified against the suspects.

The first witness was a clinical officer attached to Naguru Health Centre IV who examined the mental status of the three accused persons including Sheikh Kamoga.

The witness whose name was also concealed for security reasons, told court that in his finding, the three suspects he examined were of sound mind and had no major physical injuries.

The other witness of the day was a police officer attached to Bwebajja Police Station. Core to his testimony was that he was the first officer to reach Bwebajja Mosque where the shooting of Sheikh Bahiga had taken place.

According to an amended charge sheet, the 14 suspects and others still at large are accused of indiscriminately involving themselves in the attempted murder or attack on Ssonko Najib, Bahiga Mustapha, Umar Swadiq, Ibrahim Hassan Kirya, Mahamood Kibaate, Haruna Jemba and Prince Kassim Nakibinge.

Prosecution also alleges that the acts of the above persons caused the unlawful death of Sheikh Bahiga who was shot dead at Bwebajja along Entebbe Road; Sheikh Abdulkdir Muwaya, who was shot in Mayuge District and Sheikh Hassan Kirya, who was killed in Bweyogerere, Wakiso.

The crimes were allegedly committed between December 2013 and June 2015 in Kampala, Wakiso and Mayuge districts.

Further hearing of the case resumes tomorrow with the prosecution expected to bring two more witnesses.