Slow Start for Ugandan Elections

Polls have opened across Uganda, but Uganda Radio Network reporters say that anxiety is building up, because Voting failed to begin as scheduled in much of the country. 

Delayed deliveries of election paraphernalia in certain parts of the country have been reported. In Masaka, Many polling stations were not yet ready for the voters by 7:00am. 

Market Cell, one of the biggest polling stations in Masaka was still messy by 7:00am. The polling station was not yet cordoned off, there was no ink and the polling agents were also absent.

In Kabale, voters cued up by 6:00am, but by 7:00am, polling officers were still fidgeting trying to get furniture and the voting materials in place. 

There were delays at many polling stations in Fort-Portal Municipality, with the late arrival of election materials or officials, despite lines of people waiting to vote. 

Polling delays have also been reported in Fort-portal Municipality. In all the 40 polling stations visited this morning, there was a steady flow of voters at the polling stations by 7:00am, but the polls were not opened.

Doreen Kemigisha, a polling assistant at Nyaburara A polling station says that she was still trying to get in touch with the district Registra.

The situation remained calm in fort-portal.

In Gulu, some voting materials were still being ferried on bicycles to some polling centers.

Long voting delays are also being reported in Mbale, Butaleja and Manafwa, despite the excellent weather that accompanied many voters to their polling stations.

The voters there were disappointed that with just 15 minutes to 8:00am, many had not yet cast their votes.

In Kampala, the story has not been different either. Activity at polling station in Kawempe delayed and polling officers appeared confused about the process.

Duncan Nkoyoyo, a polling officer at Kawempe two parish, says the delays in opening the polls was due to lack of parish supervisors. the Pars has only one supervisor monitoring the distribution of voting materials.


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