Soroti School Loses UGX 30m Property in Head Teacher Shuffle

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Equipment and textbooks worth over 30 million shillings has been stolen from Soroti Senior Secondary School. The property is believed to have been stolen by one of the numerous head teachers the school has had in seven months.

Equipment and textbooks worth over 30 million shillings has been stolen from Soroti Senior Secondary School.
Much of the equipment and textbooks were donations to the school.
The property stolen includes; a video camera, two still cameras, two laptops (Mini and Lenovo) Digital Camera and four new projectors which were installed for math classes. 
 Others are one set of DSTV kit which includes; decoder dish and camera, 1000 watts AirStar voltage regulator, items meant for computers and unspecified number of expensive new text books.
The equipment was donated to the school through the British Council from UK All Saints Catholic High School and Leksands Gymnasium in Sweden that partner with the school.
Most of the textbook material was donated by the Ministry of Education, African Development Bank and the New Vision.
The discovery was made the school's latest head teacher John Bosco Opio last Thursday.
Opio has been head teacher at the school for two weeks now. Opio is the school's fourth headteacher in seven months.
Opio was posted to the school by the Ministry of Education to replace Benson Awio who was posted in December 2012. Awio was head teacher for a month before orders from the Ministry to hand over to Opio.
Awio had been called to the school to replace Bromel Ovuru Ovoya who was rejected the school's board of governors after a week.
Ovoya had been drafted to replace Hellen Asienzo Balikweya who served the school from June 2012 as replacement for retiring Patrick Attan.
Although Balikweya was supposed to be replaced by Ovoya, she refused to leave her office. She was finally forced out in January 2013.
Joseph Okapelo, the coordinator of Leksands Gymnasium programmes in the school, claims all the missing equipment was stored in an office controlled by Balikweya.
Prof. Deogracious Olila, the chairperson board of governors, says he is not aware of any missing items from the school. He says he is yet to receive an official report on the matter.
Everest Okello, the District Education Officer, urges the school's management to do its best to trace for the missing equipment. He says the equipment is meant to improve the academic performance of the school.
Soroti Senior Secondary School has an enrolment of about 4000 students and the school is in the centre of Soroti Municipality and Teso sub region.


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